Cash loan ranking – January 2019

Mobile Sumagi bank wins the cash loan ranking Mobile Sumagi bank has been at the top of the cash loan rankings for several months. The institution offers so-called a pocket installment, i.e. an installment tailored to the client’s needs in such a way that it does not burden the household budget too much. The APRC […]

I Want to Regroup a Part of My Credits is it Possible?

When it comes to reviewing the management of outstanding debts in payment to benefit from a new repayment plan adapted to its ability to repay, is it possible to consolidate a portion of the credits? If a credit and not taken back to make a partial loan buyback, then it must imperatively be of interest […]

Buying a house with a starter mortgage

Owning a home with a starter mortgage remains a dream for many. Many young people grew up in a parental home which in most cases their parents were the proud owners of. It is not without reason that we say that we grow up in our country with a brick in the stomach. It is […]

Micro loans: what are they and when to request them?

They are also known under the name of mini loans, microcredits are a financing tool that allows us to get small amounts of money quickly and easily . Its objective is immediate and convenient financing, precisely because of this most are granted through the internet. This type of financing can be requested by people with […]

Installment loans ranking – April 2018

Hypergares – 1st place not at risk The Hypergares company has established itself on the winning podium for good. One cannot be surprised at such a strong position. Just mention the possibility of taking a free payday pay for up to 10 thousand. zł. This is one of the more generous lenders. Regular Hypergares customers […]

Reasons to consider changing bank account

  Many of us have been with the same bank for years or decades and it can be difficult to find a reason to change your bank account. This inertia is what banks count to earn money. If you have been with your bank for a long time and have not looked at what else […]

Mortgage Loan RATE RECORD: Borrow at a FIXED RATE of 0.20% over 7 years

This beginning of the year begins in an exceptionally favorable context for the candidates for the loan. Since the fall in the key rate of the ECB in 2016, mortgage rates have never been lower. YB Loan manages to negotiate a mortgage at fixed rate excluding insurance at 0.20% over 7 years. There are real […]