Cash loan ranking – January 2019

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Mobile Sumagi bank wins the cash loan ranking

Mobile Sumagi bank wins the cash loan ranking

Mobile Sumagi bank has been at the top of the cash loan rankings for several months. The institution offers so-called a pocket installment, i.e. an installment tailored to the client’s needs in such a way that it does not burden the household budget too much. The APRC of a cash loan at Mobile Sumagi bank is 16.52 percent.

The total amount that can be borrowed is 200,000 zł. The threshold is high and among others for the possibility of taking an amount that would not be available elsewhere Mobile Sumagi Banking Services are appreciated by customers. It is also important that you can take a cash loan without leaving your home and without producing income certificates. The lender verifies the credit history of BIK.

Anyone who wants to learn more about cash loans at Mobile Sumagi can take advantage of the convenient “order contact” function on the institution’s website. Consultants will answer all questions about how to take a loan and how to pay it back. Fast and efficient customer contact is one of the advantages of Mobile Sumagi Banking Services.

GTO BP and Salader Consumer Bank with great trust among customers

GTO BP and Salader Consumer Bank with great trust among customers

A proven cash loan? We will definitely receive such in GTO BP – a bank that once again took second place in the cash loan ranking. Salader Consumer Bank was right behind him. These two institutions, like Mobile Sumagi Banking Services, have been very popular among customers for a long time.

What exactly attracts people who need a loan to GTO BP, and what about Salader? We checked! The GTO BP offer is distinguished by a simple application process and the opportunity “Mini Ratka for new customers and people transferring their loans to GTO”. We have good news for everyone who cannot wait – withdrawals at this bank are possible even on the same day the application was submitted. The maximum loan threshold is lower than in Mobile Sumagi (between PLN 1,000 and PLN 1 20,000), but the APRC is 3.44%.

The loan can be obtained both at the bank branch and on its iGTO website or via the IKO mobile application. GTO BP customers can use the obtained cash loan for any purpose. This bank grants a loan based on a customer’s bank statement.

And what about the situation at Salader Consumer Bank? We find in it the “Master Cash Loan” offer. This loan is addressed to new bank customers with the requested amount from PLN 6,000 to PLN 35,000, with a maximum amount. loan period of 60 months. Regular customers of this bank can count on up to PLN 50,000. The APRC is 21.79 percent. What Salader’s customers have appreciated is adjusting the installment to their financial capabilities. clear rules for taking out a loan and low and fixed interest rates.

Tiges Bank with free credit – fourth place in the ranking

Tiges Bank with free credit - fourth place in the ranking

The lenders have already got their clients used to the convenience of a free first loan. No wonder that mainly loan companies with such an offer occupy the first places in the payday loans rankings. However, similar offers are extremely rare in installment loans, and in cash loans they are real white crows. A Free Cash Loan can be obtained at Tiges Bank, which took fourth place in the December cash loan ranking.

What is this unusual opportunity? As the name suggests, customers give back as much as they borrow. Tiges Bank offers a loan from PLN 500 to PLN 2,000 for a period of 12 months. The interest rate and commission amount to 0%, and the installment is adjusted to the borrower’s capabilities. Of course, higher amounts are also available at this bank. The institution offers its clients a cash loan of up to PLN 200,000 over a repayment period of up to 120 months, without unnecessary formalities. The customer can allocate the money from the loan for any purpose.

Cash loan – for renovation, for a car and other major needs

Cash loan - for renovation, for a car and other major needs

According to data from the Pentor Institute, lack of money is the third of the most stressful factors in our country. Anyone who quickly needs missing cash at least once is able to understand why this situation is stressful in many ways. That is why cash loans, payday loans and installment loans are becoming more and more popular. However, we should take every commitment in a reasonable way – e.g. by checking the current installment loan ranking, if we decide to do it.

It is known, however, that cash loans are usually needed for large expenses because they simply offer larger amounts than payday loans or installments. Regardless of whether it is a motorcycle loan or a loan for own contribution, you must remember to read the loan agreement carefully and pay the installments regularly after you make the commitment.

The January ranking shows what cash loan offers are currently the most popular among consumers in our country. In addition, thanks to our list, anyone who would like to get such a commitment can compare the best loan offers that are available on the market and see which one is the most advantageous

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