I Want to Regroup a Part of My Credits is it Possible?

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When it comes to reviewing the management of outstanding debts in payment to benefit from a new repayment plan adapted to its ability to repay, is it possible to consolidate a portion of the credits?

If a credit and not taken back to make a partial loan buyback, then it must imperatively be of interest to the borrower, and it must not put in difficulty the good management of the new pooled credit.


The grouping of partial credit

The grouping of partial credit

It is possible to carry out a partial credit consolidation by choosing to restructure only the consumer credit and to keep the mortgage if there is, or a part of the consumption credit (revolving credit, etc.) while retaining personal loans and works whose nature is repayable at a fixed rate.

Wanting to keep a credit can come from the fact that its end date is close, and that in this case, the monthly payments repaid are composed of a major part of capital, the interest having been paid at the beginning of amortization through previous deadlines.

In fact, there is no reason for the capital to be restructured again and impacted by an interest rate on the total cost of the new loan for repurchase of credit.

But obviously, unless there is no other choice, ie, if the monthly payment kept exceeds the debt ratio accepted by the lending institution.

In conclusion, yes it is feasible to consolidate a portion of its credits, and this is what is called a partial credit surrender , however the financial ratios of the client records must meet the eligibility standards of the lender, and it should be noted that certain types of receivables can not be kept!


Partial loan purchase: credits that can be retained

Partial loan purchase: credits that can be retained

So the issue of redemption of credits is to recognize in what case and what situation is decided that a loan can be kept by his/her debtors?

Credits that can be kept :

  • Loans 1%
  • 0% loans
  • Loans with a guarantee
  • Personal loans if the redemption interest rate is less advantageous
  • Personal loans if in the final phase of amortization (repayment of capital)
  • Real estate loans
  • A lease with option to purchase (LOA)

To claim to be able to keep the monthly charge of a loan, it is necessary to be able to justify a real interest for the borrower.


All about the repurchase of credit

All about the repurchase of credit

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