Installment loans ranking – April 2018

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Hypergares – 1st place not at risk

Hypergares - 1st place not at risk

The Hypergares company has established itself on the winning podium for good. One cannot be surprised at such a strong position. Just mention the possibility of taking a free payday pay for up to 10 thousand. zł. This is one of the more generous lenders. Regular Hypergares customers can apply for an amount of up to 15,000. zł.

The core business of the company are installment loans. The institution offers one of the longest loan periods on the market in this segment. Loan repayment can be divided into up to 48 installments. Customers cooperating with Hypergares also value the fact that they can get a loan, even if they do not have a bank account. This is usually a necessary condition. The personal bill is used to verify the customer’s identity, and money is also transferred there. In Hypergares, you can make a transfer and verification with the help of a gyro check.

Cashmen’s promotion in installment loans ranking


After Cashmen climbed the podium in March, he continues his march and this month we see her in second place. Cashmen stands out among non-bank institutions. The catalog has several types of loans. New customers will receive a loan of up to 60 days. Its upper ceiling is PLN 1,500. Importantly, the first loan is free. When submitting further applications to Cashmen, the borrowers unblock the higher amounts and longer loan periods. SuperTurbo loan is up to 7,000 thousand additional cash divided into 9 installments.

Provident on the podium

Provident on the podium

A veteran on the market of loan companies in Poland completes the top three of the best. Provident is known not only for home-based loans. For a long time, he has been trying to conquer online loans. The result in the April ranking shows that it is going in the right direction. Taking a loan online from Provident Polska with repayment of the whole amount of debt within 30 days, the clients incur no costs. The company waives its commission and does not charge any interest. However, such promotional conditions are only available to people who will pay the entire amount at one time – on the date of the first installment. Internet loans available in the company are in the range of PLN 300 to PLN 15,000. zł. The maximum loan period is 36 months.

A combination of payday loans and installments

A combination of payday loans and installments

Some companies from the installment loan list will also appear in the April payday loan ranking. This is related to the creation of broad-spectrum offers. In the case of Cashmen, the first free loan combines the features of an installment loan and payday loan, because there is an option of its one-time repayment within 30 days. Provident has also introduced a similar procedure. Other companies such as Ferratum Money and Wonga simply offer two types of loans. This first company guarantees new conditions to new clients – short-term loan up to PLN 2,000 with APRC 0% In Wonga you have to take into account the commission, but the first time it is symbolic and amounts to 10 PLN.

The loan sector also supports companies

The loan sector also supports companies

Loan companies are open not only to retail but also business customers. The non-banking sector is trying to fill the niche left by the banks, which is why institutions such as Aasa dla Biznesu offer loans from the first day of operation. Easy accessibility and known minimalism of loan institutions in formal matters seem to be a tempting alternative to strict and cumbersome banking procedures. If someone is looking for a reliable offer for entrepreneurs, they should analyze the ranking of loans for companies.

“Free payday loans are a magnet for new customers, but short-term loans are not able to finance the needs of more demanding consumers. Therefore, some companies with installment loans give the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of both products. They get the amounts reserved for loans for a longer period, but if they give the money back faster, they can count on promotions dedicated to payday loans. This is an interesting move for lenders, 

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