Micro loans: what are they and when to request them?

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They are also known under the name of mini loans, microcredits are a financing tool that allows us to get small amounts of money quickly and easily . Its objective is immediate and convenient financing, precisely because of this most are granted through the internet.

This type of financing can be requested by people with few resources, because the requirements are very small, hence the vast majority of the population can have access to them.

When should I request a microcredit?

When should I request a microcredit?

The micro loan must be requested when you have needs for small amounts of money and do not have access to get that amount at that time quickly in another way. Thanks to this type of financing you can get the money to face your debts, face an unforeseen event or to treat yourself as a vacation when you have a few days off.

The mini-credits stand out for being granted in a few hours or days and for offering small amounts of money. But in the same way you have to know that the money will have to be returned in a short period of time. Do not forget that you will have to return the money plus the previously agreed interest. To get adequate and economical financing, it is best to make a good comparison before. If you use a good online comparator, it will be much easier, instead of having to ask for information from several lenders.

How do you apply for a microcredit?


Normally the procedure to request a microcredit is usually the following:

  1. Fill in the form of the lender.
  2. Send a photo or ID scan if funding is requested online.

If the requested amount is small, nothing more is usually requested. On the other hand, if the amount is a bit high, then the company can request some type of guarantee such as property or payroll.

Can I request a mini-loan with Good Lender?

Can I request a mini-loan with Good Lender?

If for any reason you are enrolled in Good Lender or any other delinquency list, you should know that this type of financing is suitable for you. It is true that not all companies grant money, but a large majority do.

When making the comparison, you have to put the appropriate filter to expose the companies that will really grant you the money. Of course, you should know that financing will only be granted if in Good Lender or in the delinquency list you are registered with a debt not too large. And of course, you can’t use the money to pay the outstanding debt. Now you only have to request and wait a few minutes to be told if the financing has been granted or not. If not, you can always request the money from another company that interests you in the comparison.

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